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Work for and with the best leaders in America as they lead their families, businesses, and themselves. 

Win the war on veteran and athlete suicide with the power of daily wins and a good day's work. 

"It's a gift to work with the best leaders in America. When I transitioned from the Navy - that's who I wanted to learn from most. Masters of the map I was now sailing on.


More than a decade since founding our first company, I'm still learning. All while providing a value proposition to them, their families, and the companies they lead.


But the best thing I do is introduce them to amazing men and women I've served alongside as those heroes transition from the battlefield to the boardroom. It's a true privilege. I am a fortunate man." - Clint


Clint Bruce is a former Navy Special Warfare Officer, a graduate of the US Naval Academy, decorated athlete, and seasoned entrepreneur. He is dedicated to helping leaders protect, perform, endure, and compete while helping veterans and their families transition successfully from service. 

A 4-year letter winner at Navy playing middle linebacker, captain and MVP of the ’96 Aloha Bowl Championship team, he was named to multiple all-star teams his senior year. He enjoyed opportunities with both the Baltimore Ravens and New Orleans Saints and was inducted into the Navy/Marine Corps Stadium Hall of Fame in 2009.

Clint’s desire to serve was deep and firmly rooted. He left the NFL to pursue becoming a Navy SEAL and successfully completed BUDS (Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL Training) in 1998 with Class 217. Joining SEAL Team FIVE, Clint completed multiple deployments pre and post-911 directly involved in counter-terrorism and national security missions globally. 

After leaving the Navy, Clint discovered a passion for building companies and organizations that are both deeply impactful and highly purposeful. 

  • TRG is a trusted advisor on security, safety, crisis response, and training to businesses and agencies across the United States.

  • HoldFast is a leadership and performance growth company featuring transitioning veterans as speakers and personal/professional executive coaches.

  • WindiJ advises innovative leaders who are developing training, technology, and material for the human performance industry and works closely with strength and conditioning professionals as they develop and support the next generation athlete. 

  • Carry the Load (now led by fellow Navy grad and Former SEAL Stephen Holley) was founded to restore true meaning to Memorial Day and celebrate the service and sacrifice of Police, Fire, and Rescue personnel and their families during the month of May.

Clint lives in Dallas with his college sweetheart and 3 daughters who are not impressed that he played football or was a Navy SEAL. 

Our Companies

The Dreadnought Fleet

Dreadnought Holding Co.// DHC was founded to build and lead companies that allow transitioning veterans and athletes to work for the best leaders in America. We distill the hard skills, soft skills, and experiences of special operations veterans and athletes into "aim small/miss small" value propositions we know leaders need.  



TRG is a trusted advisor to influential decision-makers on matters of risk.


We assess, advise, train and provide operational support to America's best leaders as they protect their families, businesses, and most important endeavors. 

Our ReadyLAB facilities and expert coaching staff provide tailored, appropriate, actionable, and highly effective and engaging personal safety and readiness training. Their mission is to meet clients where they are and help them become as ready as their life needs them to be. 



HoldFast partners with the best leaders and companies in America as they develop their most critical assets - the people powering their organizations.


Through keynote presentations, advanced courses, private coaching, and powerful experiences  - we invite professionals, athletes, and everyday people to become heroic versions of themselves. 


Compete & Recover

WindiJ works closely with both innovators and end-users of human performance technology, material, equipment, and programs.


Our experiences competing at the highest levels in our respective sports, relationships with the most influential coaches and trainers in athletics, and decades of training/testing and developing emerging human performance resources allow us to exist at the nexus of innovation and application. 

Since 2006, we have served ...

*TRG does not disclose the names of clients and operates exclusively on a referral basis. 


Academics & Athletics

Industry Groups, Foundations, & Faith-Based Organizations


1319 Crampton St

Dallas, Texas 75207


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